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aaahhhh california

arrived tuesday morning (after throwing up on the plane and thinking for a few minutes that my death was imminent), and went to the national history museum--one of my favorite places.  i'd recently gone to the nc natural history museum, which was fun, but not nearly as cool as the los angeles version.  AND THERE WAS AN OUTSTANDING BUG ROOM, which i totally loved, and i got to touch some cool buggy things--millipede, tarantula, and stick bug.  coolio.  

yesterday kristen & i got dropped off at universal, where we spent a delightful, but extremely chilly, day.  we went on basically all the rides, which isn't really that many cuz the park is pretty small, but it was great because we were there mid-week so we didn't have to really wait in any lines for very long at all.  after riding everything and walking around all day, we went out to City Walk, and saw Disturbia, which was a pretty good movie, until the end when i kept sqawking "JUST CALL EFFING 911 SRSLY".  after that we went back on city walk, and we were COMPLETELY FREEZING.  why is SoCal so cold in May? we went to A&F and bought very cute matching sweatpants, which we changed into and suddenly became quiet warm, which was very nice.  we walked around some & ate dinner at Tony Roma's, and Josh picked us up around 7:15 and we went back to jen's.

today we went to warner brothers.  it was fun as usual, got to see the ER set for the nth time and same with gilmore girls, but they were tearing down the set because it has just been officially cancelled.  we ate lunch at the commisary--and got a real celebrity sighting! laura innes came in for lunch while we were eating, which was pretty cool.  

after wb, we've basically just been chillin at the hizzouse.  tonight we are either going to 3rd street promenade, or staying home, babysitting, and going to bed early while jen & josh go to a bachelorette party.

ps yay for caffeine



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